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« Cousins des Amériques »

Ancestry of Josefa Evelina MUZARD (1835-1913)

France (Champagne, Normandy, Saintonge, Maine, Aquitaine),
Quebec, Newfoundland, Isle Royale, Saint-Pierre & Miquelon,
Cayenne, Martinique, Saint-Domingue, Louisiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Cuba, etc..

Patrick BINET
Member of "Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe" and many other French and foreign genealogical societies.

France - America from the XVIth century until now

Through the study of his great-great-grandmother's ancestry (a French lady born in Cuba in 1835), the author takes a close look at the families of the first settlers in the different French establishments in North America. The saga starts in France, in the middle of the 16th century, in each of the original provinces of her ancestors (Champagne, Normandy, Saintonge, Maine, Aquitaine). It then moves to the first establishments in Quebec, the foundation of Montreal, the colonization of Newfoundland, the foundation of Louisbourg in the Isle Royale, of Louisiana, the loss of New-France and the scattering towards Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, the French West Indies, Guyana, Saint-Domingue, etc. At the verge of the 19th century, the revolution strikes Saint-Domingue, the colony is lost, Louisiana is sold to the United States and the French presence in the Americas is greatly diminished.

Each ancestor's family is the object of a detailed study describing its French roots and its complete descending families down to the middle of the 19th century at the least. Beyond just names and dates, the author's intent was to recount the story of these people and the events, whether minor, happy or dramatic that marked their lives in the historical context of their time.

Nine large parts

This study is divided in nine large parts corresponding to the following families: CHAUVIN, RABELLEAU, AUBER, SAUX, MILLY, BARON, PIGEOT, FAURES and MUZARD. It encompasses the allied families and both the male and female descendants of each one of them. It is therefore of interest to many families and to all those who have a genealogical or historical interest in the families of the various French establishments in North America.

A tremendous piece of work

Several years of research as well as lots of correspondence with people from France, Canada and the United States were necessary to put together this tremendous piece of work of 1,142 pages. This book (European A4 format, about 8.2" x 11.7") contains 53 chapters, an index of 122 pages listing 8,500 people with 3,500 different names, 180 different illustrations (reproduction of documents, pictures, portraits, maps, etc), a large bibliography and the list of all the sources used.

The book is out of print, but the CD-Rom is still availbale for € 49.50 plus shipping.

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